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VAG K03 Turbocharger Information

Many people are mistaken as to which turbo they car has and what is it’s capabilities.

We will try to explain as clear as possible the different turbos the VAG longtitudal 1.8T 20VT engines have.

3 different turbos are used on the longtitudal engines found on Audi A4/A6 and Skoda Superb




Compressor Size: 36/50mmTurbine Size: 36/45mm Compressor Size: 36/50mmTurbine Size: 40/45mm Compressor Size: 38/51mmTurbine Size: 40/45mm
Engnes using this turbo:AEB,APU,ATW,ANB 150psAJL 180ps Engnes using this turbo:AVJ, AWT 150psBFB 163psAMB,AWM 170ps

AWP 180ps

Engines using this turbo:BEX,BVR 190ps